Eyelash extension/thickening makes makeup life easier for some people. Anyone who uses mascara every day but knows how annoying the black smeared eyelids can be in everyday life or taking off make-up should stop now. Alternatively, you can opt for eyelash extensions. With this method you can now individually adapt any technique, length and style so that there is the right look for everyone. From natural 1:1 lashes to medium to MEGA volume lashes, everything can be conjured up. But of course eyelash extensions also require the right care for a long-lasting boost.


1. Water

After eyelash extensions, you should make sure not to get your eyelashes wet for 48 hours. The artificial eyelashes should be touched as little as possible during this time.
Thermal baths and saunas should also be avoided.

2. Wash your eyelashes!
Since makeup and dirt residue often forms on the edge of the eyelids, cleaning your eyelashes should be included in your daily routine.
After 48 hours the eyelash glue has completely hardened and the eyelashes can now be washed. Our Lash Cleansing Foam is particularly suitable for this.
The shampoo is particularly gentle and skin-friendly. The Cleansing Foam also removes all dirt and grease residues without burning your eyes.
The eyelashes always stay nice and fluffy and clean.

3. Avoid cosmetics and creams containing oil
You should avoid products containing oil, especially when removing make-up or skin care. Since the effect of the adhesive can be weakened by the oil, you should avoid the eye area.
After washing your eyelashes, it is best to dry them with a paper towel. Do not use conventional cotton pads or towels, otherwise the fibers can stick to the eyelashes.

4. Be careful with your eyelashes!
In general, mascara (oily) and eyelash curlers are not recommended. With eyelash extensions you will no longer need them.
Your sleeping position is also important. Try to sleep on your back as much as possible to ensure longevity.
Plucking, rubbing and excessive touching of the eyelashes can also lead to increased loss of fake eyelashes.

Of course, you can't implement some tips straight away because you need time to get used to the eyelash extensions.
But if you follow the steps for the first time, you will have a lot of fun with your eyelashes :)