Our Lashlift Set, which contains the following products in an aesthetic magnetic box, is exactly what you need for those customers who want a natural eyelash curl without fake lashes.

- Lotion 1
- Lotion 2
- Lifting Glue Classic
- 2x color black + developer
- Lotion 3 "Hydra Essence" as leave-in care after lifting (after coloring)
- Silicone lifting pads 5 pairs (SM-M1-M2-L)

1 . Thoroughly clean the client's eyes before treatment. Now separate the lower eyelashes from the upper eyelashes using the Hydrogel Eye Pads. Then place the appropriate lifting pads on the eyelid along the client's lash line by applying some glue to the inside of the pads.
2 . Now put some glue on the lifting pad and pull the eyelashes upwards with tweezers or lifting tools.
Comb the lashes regularly with the Y tool so that they are all even and pointing in one direction.
3. Now use the Lift Cream 1 and apply it with an applicator from the roots to about half of the eyelashes and leave it for about 5-10 minutes (depending on the eyelash structure).
4. Now remove the lotion with a cotton swab or similar.
Now apply the Fix Cream 2 and leave it as well
Leave on for 5-10 minutes. (ATTENTION: The setting lotion must have the same exposure time as lifting lotion 1)
5. Now remove the lotion. Now you can color the eyelashes according to the customer's wishes. To do this, mix the color with the activator 1:1
(E.g. 2 pumps of color + 2 pumps of activator) The
The time it takes for the color to take effect is particularly important because it only turns deep black after about 10 minutes.
6. Now remove the color with a wet application and clean the eye area of ​​any residue using a cleanser.
7. Now slowly loosen the lifting and hydrogel pads.
8. Finally, take a little of the Hydrating Essence and distribute it into the eyelashes using a mascara brush.
This care does not need to be removed.